Broadstairs and St Peter's Concert Band

 Concert October 7th 2018
  Pavilion, Broadstairs

Arnold Steck (Arr. W.J. Duthoit)
CY Coleman & Dorothy Fields (Arr. Geoff Baldwin)
Birdcage Walk - Quick March
Vittorio Monti (Arr. Ray Woodfield)
Stephen Flaherty & Lynn Ahrens (Arr. Larry Clark)
Sweet Charity Selection
Ron Goodwin (Arr. Roger Hewitt)
Arr. Michael Brown
Charles Williams
The Trap
(Theme used by BBC for the London Marathon)
Harold L. Walters
Movie Blockbusters
Arr. W.J. Dawson (Transcribed Clive Richardson)
Blue Devils (The Kensington March)
Leo Delibes (Arr. Eric Osterling)
Night Beat
Irving Berlin (Arr. Jerry Novak)
Loch Lomond
Noel Gay (Arr. Trevor L. Sharpe)
March and Procession of Bacchus
Puttin’ On The Ritz
Me and My Girl
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